Frequently Asked Questions

The order process

I placed the order. When will the promotion begin?

The Customer’s profile is logged in to the system in 24 hours from returning a complete brief or paying for the order when extending cooperation for another period.

Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Yes, VAT invoices are sent to the email address provided in the order form.


Is there an affiliate program?

Yes, we work with both companies and individuals.

You receive 10% of the order value for each order of our services.

Operation of the algorithm

Will my friends / customers notice that I am using automation?

No. Recognizing whether a given profile uses automation is not possible as long as the auto-commenting function is not recommended.

The algorithm created by us in an increasingly natural way supports everyday activities on Instagram, while being invisible to other Instagram users.

Thanks to the unfollow function, your profile will only watch about 400 profiles more than usual during the campaign.

What is the unfollow function?

The unfollow function becomes active on the second day of campaign and automatically withdraws the follows from 24 hours ago.

If some users followed your profile back – the interaction system will unfollow them after 72 hours.

Is there a comment function?
No. We try to make the algorithm more and more naturally support daily activities on Instagram, while being invisible to other Instagram users.

The only function on which you can know that the profile uses automation is the auto-commenting function. The vast majority of auto-comments are perceived by other Instagram users as spam. Instagram regulations prohibit such practices.

Do I have to use all the system functions?
No, after placing an order, each Customer selects in the sent brief which functions of the system are to be active. We recommend using follow, unfollow and like functions. Then the account ranges are the largest.

Gained followers

Are the gained followers real?

Yes, all acquired people are real. We do not sell fake followers. We promote Instagram profiles in a natural way by increasing account activity.

Do you sell packages like or followers?

No. Our Advertising Agency only deals with the initiation of interaction.

We promote Instagram accounts in a natural way by increasing profile activity among the selected Instagram community. The profile is noticed by potentially interested people and more and more users are beginning to follow it. These are only real people. There are many sites offering fake followers, fake likes and fake comments. The use of this type of services has three negative aspects:

  1. majority of bought fake followersów will disappear within a few weeks,
  2. until then, the Instagram algorithm will be able to pick up too sudden growth and cut profile ranges for bad practices,
  3. these are just fakes numbers, not successive builed community which is interested in your content. 

Buying fake numbers is prohibited by Instagram’s Regulations, as opposed to campaigns involving increasing profile activity with real people. This is the legal opinion prepared by lawyers:


Is the algorithm safe?

Yes, as long as the auto-comments feature is turned off. In order to guarantee our clients the maximum level of security, a team of lawyers has developed a legal opinion that confirms the total legality of automation and its acceptance by Instagram. Check on

The operation of the algorithm is similar to human activity. We configure the system for each client in a way that does not exceed the safe limits set by Instagram and perform actions in dynamically changing time intervals.

Is account access required?

The system initiates interactions on behalf of your profile, therefore the data required to log in is necessary.

Is my data safe?
Yes. According to the GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations) the password is sent using the secure HTTPS protocol and stored on an encrypted server. Any provided data is not disclosed to third parties, published or disclosed in any other way.

About us

We are part of the BrandTailors Advertising Agency (, esigning and supervising marketing campaigns in social networks for personal brands and companies.

We provide our clients with the highest quality at a reasonable price according to the developed strategies and proven solutions.

We complete the entrusted tasks with passion and attention to the smallest details, bearing in mind the client’s goals and the results of the campaigns.


What will you gain thanks to Instagram profile automation?

From 600 to even 3000+ potential customers every month. Increased intensity of interactions conducted on Instagram allows private and business profiles to attract new and interested recipients from a selected group or industry.

Imagine that you are adding a post with hashtag #coffee, which is liked by Starbucks. It is a modern way of conducting business interactions with clients that translate into stronger relationships and increased sales.


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We are part of BrandTailors Advertising Agency

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We are part of BrandTailors Advertising Agency

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